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Kerala Ayurveda

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Kerala Backwater

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Mishkal Mosque

The cities of Kerala are home to many tourist attractions like monuments,parks,resorts,zoos,spas and other tourist centres and sight seeing places of interest.Kochi is a naval base, Trivandrum is the state capital, Thrissur is the cultural capital while Kottayam with numerous churches and colonial style houses can be dubbed as the Rome of the East, and Wayanad is a tribal region.

Mishkal Mosque

Kozhikode (also known as Calicut) is a beautiful state with many attractive locations to visit such as the Tali Temple, Thiruvannur Temple, or the Krishna Menon Museum. But one of the places which are really worth visiting is the Mishkal Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Kozhikode. The Mishkal Mosque located 14 km from Kadavu is a four storied structure and is supported by wooden pillars with a gabled roof. A part of the mosque was burned by the Portuguese in 1510. When you will travel to the Mishkal Mosque, you can still notice the charred portions of the mosque on top floors along with most of the original building. The mosque is named Mishkal Mosque after the rich trader who built it. Today, the mosque stands as a symbol depicting the rich traditional Keralan style of architecture. It is one of the oldest mosque in the city. Till today, the Muslims of the area make a visit to the mosque to offer their everyday namaz. The Mishkal Mosque is a place where anybody can enter irrespective of their caste or social status. Thus in today's world of ethnic violence and caste difference, the Mishkal Mosque stands as the symbol of peace and is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in India.

How to reach:
- By Airways: Nearest airport is Karipur which is 23 km from Kozhikode (Calicut town) with daily flights to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and the Middle East. The Chennai flight also touches Coimbatore and Madurai.
- By Railways: Kozhikode links to all the major cities and tourist centers in India.
- By Roadways: Kozhikode is well connected to all the major cities and tourist centers in India.

Where to stay:
Kozhikode has many comfortable hotels to stay such as the Hotel Taj Residency or the Malabar Mansion.

Things to do
Things to do in Kerala:

1. Ride a canoe:
Drift along serene waterways in a country craft, enjoy the breeze, answer a cuckoo's call. Wave back at the cheerful village children on the banks. Invite some of them to top in for a ride.

2. Wear jasmine in your hair: Get yourself a string of jasmine - the natural ornament for your hair. You could even pluck them fresh from a garden and string them yourself.

3. Visit the local markets:
Small stalls with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken. High-pitched salesmen luring you with impossible bargains. Visit these bustling markets, or chandas.

4. Stay in a tree house:

Spend romantic nights in tree houses, washed in the sweet scent of forest flowers. Let the sounds of the forest fill your dreams.

5. Have a mud bath:
Go in for mud therapy and discover its healing properties at the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre at Nileswaram.
Don't Miss in Kerala
Malabar : Theyyams in the Kannur Kavus. A taste of Kallumakaya and Mappila fish pathiri. Halwa from Sweet Meat Street.

Kochi : The gateway of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in India.Birthplace of Adi Sankaracharya. A walk in St Thomas' footsteps. Bell-metal ware. Bathing in waterfalls.

The Western Ghats : Treks through Sahya Hills. Wildlife viewing from boat. Tea tasting in India's only Tea Museum. Spice shopping at Kumily.

Kuttanad : Backwater Cruise. Kallu, Kappa and Karimeen at Karimpankala. Backwater island.

Travancore : Houseboat-makers village. Late-night Kathakali in Thiruvalla. Elephant Camp at Konni