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Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an old age system of healing ,
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Kerala Backwater

  The boat cross shallow, palm fringed lakes
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Varkala Beach

Kerala, the land of coconuts and backwater also famous for its exotic Beaches. Beaches in Kerala are among the finest beaches of India. Kerala seaside is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms that definitely merit a visit in every tourist itinerary. Some most beautiful beaches in kerala are kovalam beach, fort kuchi beach, varkala beach, kappad beach and many other beaches.

Varkala Beach

Varkala wears two hats: one is that of a seaside tourist resort and spa and the other, completely opposite, is that of a Hindu religious centre. To begin, there is the quiet stretch of white sandy beach, the Papanasam Beach. Myth has it that the sage Narada was approached by a group of sadhus who told him that they had sinned. In anger, Narada threw his valkkalam, the loin cloth made from the bark of trees, into the air. The place where it landed was Varkala. Narada then told the sinners to pray at a place near the seashore. That came to be known as the Papanasam Beach. The added attractions are the mineral springs and rocky cliffs. Varkala is worth taking a look for it is out of the ordinary. It is so peaceful that no one would bother disturbing you when you watch the sun set into the sea.

The Sivagiri Hill, near the beach also happens to be the final resting place of a great social reformer of Kerala, Sree Narayana Guru. Nearby are the high cliffs and the mineral springs. Varkala is home to the 800-year old Janardhana temple, dedicated to Ayyappan and Hanuman. Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the inner sanctum but can look around the temple. Reaching Varkala: The nearest airport is Trivandrum, 50 km away. Varkala has rail connection but not all trains stop here and the best place to get off is at Quilon, the nearest major railway head. Varakala is accessible by road.


Things to do
Things to do in Kerala:

1. Ride a canoe:
Drift along serene waterways in a country craft, enjoy the breeze, answer a cuckoo's call. Wave back at the cheerful village children on the banks. Invite some of them to top in for a ride.

2. Wear jasmine in your hair: Get yourself a string of jasmine - the natural ornament for your hair. You could even pluck them fresh from a garden and string them yourself.

3. Visit the local markets:
Small stalls with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken. High-pitched salesmen luring you with impossible bargains. Visit these bustling markets, or chandas.

4. Stay in a tree house:

Spend romantic nights in tree houses, washed in the sweet scent of forest flowers. Let the sounds of the forest fill your dreams.

5. Have a mud bath:
Go in for mud therapy and discover its healing properties at the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre at Nileswaram.
Don't Miss in Kerala
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Kochi : The gateway of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in India.Birthplace of Adi Sankaracharya. A walk in St Thomas' footsteps. Bell-metal ware. Bathing in waterfalls.

The Western Ghats : Treks through Sahya Hills. Wildlife viewing from boat. Tea tasting in India's only Tea Museum. Spice shopping at Kumily.

Kuttanad : Backwater Cruise. Kallu, Kappa and Karimeen at Karimpankala. Backwater island.

Travancore : Houseboat-makers village. Late-night Kathakali in Thiruvalla. Elephant Camp at Konni